Greetings from Action Divers and Adventures!

We are excited and ready to have all our family and friends, old and new, visiting us again. It has not been an easy time, but with the re-opening of the international airport on Oct. 1st, we are here ready and eager to serve you. We have put in place all the necessary requirements so that we can all have a safe and enjoyable time exploring the many adventures Belize has to offer.

Under this reopening phase, all travelers to Belize will be subject to new COVID-19 guidelines and regulations. Our dive shop has incorporated the new safety and sanitization measures that are a part of the qualifications set forth in the Belize Tourism Board’s “Tourism Gold Standard” Recognition Program for tour operators.

Guidelines for Travel to Belize

Once you arrive at the Portofino Resort, it is required that all guests remain on property for the duration of your stay. Guests will have the pleasure of enjoying a variety of tours and water sports. Action Divers and Adventures Dive Shop will be available to assist you in making your stay safe and memorable. We will be providing you with professional guides, ready to take you on some fantastic adventures.

Protocols and Procedures

Action Divers and Adventure has received its “Tourism Gold Standard” seal of approval for tour operators. The program focuses on 9 key areas to enhance the tourism industry’s health and safety standards. It adapts procedures to ensure both employees and guests are confident in the cleanliness and safety of our dive shop.

We are committed to making sure that we have a safe and healthy environment for our guests. We want you to feel at ease and confident that we are following all the proper protocols. We have enhanced our cleaning and sanitization procedures and are using cleaning products that have been recommended by our Ministry of Health and by the EPA and CDC standards.

Our Program Manager is Roberto Castillo. If you have any questions concerning our protocols and procedures, you can reach him on Whats App using the number +501-671-2624.

Please be aware that masks are required in all public places and social distancing is a must. It is important to bring extra masks with you, especially if you are use to a particular brand or style. We will have disposable mask available in the event that one is needed or you may also be able to purchase one as well.

Masks required at all times, with only exceptions:

  • On a high intensity tour where the guide is 6 feet apart. For example- hiking, rappelling.
  • Snorkeling
  • Once guest is seated in a restaurant to eat
  • Beach once sufficient distance is maintained from other guests.

Social distancing of 6 ft must be maintained. We have marked our dive shop and waiting area so as to maintain this protocol. Signage in public spaces will remind our guests to maintain social distancing.

Washing of hands/ Sanitizing is also mandatory before entering the dive shop. We have a wash hand station set up near the entrance of the dive shop for your convenience.

All guests’ temperature will be taken when entering the dive shop or going on a tour and logged.

Any symptomatic guest will be isolated and the response plan will be activated. All Guests staying at the Portofino Resort will be using the resort‘s quarantine location which is set up at the Lower Mansion.
Our employees will also be subjected to temperature checks (twice a day) and all the necessary protocols set up to make sure that we all remain safe will also be observed.

Booking will be flexible to accommodate payment reimbursements should a guest become symptomatic prior to tour and not able to take the tour. We strongly recommend paying through the use of our Credit Card Authorization form so as to minimize contact. If you are unable to do so before you arrive please note that we can provide you with a digital version of our Tour Descriptions and you can communicate with us through Whats App +501-671-2624.

In an effort to make our tours as safe as possible for our guests and employees we are requiring everyone on the boat to wear a face mask throughout the tour except where we have previously stated. All our boats will be cleaned and sanitized before and after each trip. Sanitizers will be on the boat and available at all times. It is important that all guests wash/ sanitize their hands before entering the boat. Once on the boat our tour guides will give a briefing on the tour and the protocols that will be followed during the trip. All equipment used on every trip will be cleaned as soon as the trip is over. We will be relying on WhatsApp to give you any updates or information on your tour prior to departure. All tours will be executed with the safest measures in all efforts to reduce risk for guests and employees.

Refund / Cancellation Policy:
We understand that Covid 19 is now a part of our new norm. With this new challenge there is a need for flexibility. As a result, Action Divers and Adventures will refund guest(s) who are suspected of having or who have covid19. It may be a good idea to look into Travel Insurance to help with unexpected situations.
If a guest becomes ill or show signs of Covid 19 he/she will be taken to designated area and the cost of the tour will be reimbursed. Once there is a need to quarantine, there is a cost of $2,750US per person to be quarantined at the Portofino Resort. (2 weeks, meals included) Guests that do not wear mask and follow proper protocol will not be allowed to take part on the tour and there will be no refund due to violation of these protocols.

All other Cancelations will be treated as follows:
15 days or more prior to tour date 100 % refund. If it is less than 15 days but more than 36 hours prior to tour date, we will accept date changes but no refunds. There will be no refunds, no date changes for cancellations less than 36 hours. There will be no refund given for no shows or unused portion of service agreement. No refund will be given to anyone who is denied service because of refusal to follow rules and regulations. Guests who are unable to go on a tour due to suspicion of having or who have covid19 will be refunded the cost of the tour or may choose to change the date. We reserve the right to cancel or modify any trip due to weather conditions, mechanical breakdowns and circumstances beyond our control.

To access the detailed health and safety protocols, we invite you to visit:

We have provided the link below if you would like to take a look at the FAQ on the BTB Website as an additional resource to any questions you may have.

Tourism Gold Standard Certificate of Recognition

Tourism Gold Standard Certificate.pdf