Lamani ‘Submerged Crocodile’, is the third largest archaeological site in Belize.  Occupied for over 3000 years, it had one of the largest occupation spans in the Maya World. Located in the Orange Walk District and surrounded by the majestic rainforest, Lamani’s location on the New River allowed for easy trade of goods which impacted their long occupation of the site.

Three of the most remarkable temples have been excavated. The Jaguar Temple named for its jaguar decoration, was built in the 6th century. It has 9 tiers and stands 65 ft in height. The Mask Temple features a 13ft stone mask and the High Temple also referred to as ‘El Castillo’.

The adventure begins at 7:00am, a mixture of river cruises and travel through jungle, sugar cane fields and villages takes you to the Lamani experience. On your journey you will be fascinated by all the birds and wild life you encounter.

Once at Lamani you will be able to visit the on-site museum which features a collection of amazing artifacts. There is also remains of an old Spanish church that was burnt after a Mayan rebellion. Facilities include restrooms and a covered picnic area for visitors.

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