Belize has the second-largest barrier reef in the world and the island of Ambergris Caye offers easy access to a wide variety of spectacular dive sites. A short 5 – 10 minute boat ride, takes you to an array of dive sites. Let us introduce you to some of the most amazing and memorable diving locations available. We offer one, two, or three-tank dives.

Palmeros Point, is one of the most northern dive sites but well worth the extra  boat ride. The deep drop off and its overhangs provide good habitual surroundings for Horse Eye Jacks and Nassau Groupers

The Love Tunnel, so named because people have chosen to marry under water at that location. Spotted Drums have made there home here along with a variety of Sea Fans.

Angel Flats, which provides a variety of different species of Angel Fish-Rocky Beauty, Blue, Gray, French and one of the prettiest fish in the ocean, the Queen Angel. This area also has magnificent canyons.

The Amigos Wreck, a 40 ft cargo ship that sank over 10 years ago and sits in 70 ft of water. Its inhabitants now include big grouper, yellow tailed snappers and nurse sharks.

Eagle Ray Canyon, which is a part of the marine reserve and the canyon, is formed by Stag Horn and Elk Horn Corals.

At Cypress Garden there are possibility of seeing Black and Nassau Grouper, Barracudas, Red Snappers and many other more marine species in large quantities.