The Belize Zoo first started out as a ” backyard zoo” in 1983. Today, after much transition, the zoo, which sits on 29acres of tropical savanna, is home to over 150 native animals of Belize. These animals were either rescued, orphaned, rehabilitated, donated or born at the zoo.

Located 29 miles on the western highway, the Belize Zoo is approximately one hour away from the city. With several facilities located on property, most of your basic needs can be met. There is a gift shop containing local crafts, zoo souvenirs, snacks and beverages. Also at the zoo you will find a picnic area near the parking lot, where all food and snacks must be eaten. There is a small playground near the picnic area where the children may play. Once you are on the trail refraining from loud noise and play is mandatory. It is also advisable to take advantage of the restroom facilities provided as it takes about two hours to see the entire zoo.

We would recommend wearing comfortable shoes, insect repellant is also advisable, especially during the morning and evenings and bringing along water, especially essential during the hot summer months.