I stayed at the Portofino beach resort so it was convenient that Action Divers was on the premises. I was not planning on snorkeling at all because I do not know how to swim. I meet Roberto after getting back from one of my excursions I took. Right off the bat, I felt very comfortable with him. He offered to teach me how to swim/snorkel before going out to a snorkeling site. The next day he kept his word and he taught me step by step what to do and what to expect when snorkeling. Small to some but that was an accomplishment on its own for me. The got the courage to book a excursion with him for the following day. I highly recommend Action Divers and Adventure. Coming from someone who does not know how to swim, I trusted them with my life. I swam in the deep ocean, swam with sharks, sting rays, and I even saw two dolphins. This experience has encouraged me to take swimming lesson and to one day go back to Belize and get scuba certified with Roberto and Action Divers.